My Notion Workflow for Writing Scientific Papers as a Student

The solution

My Notion Workflow

  1. A page for the unit
  2. A page for book-keeping
  3. A page for the article to be written within the unit
  4. A page for ‘instructions’ & a page for ‘Articles’ within the unit page.
  1. Instructions: The behind-the-scenes stuff. Assignment submission requirements, reference style, etc.
  2. Articles: Every. Single. Article of importance to this assignment will be manually recording in this page — I know it sound painful, but it works.
  3. Your written article: This part is the actual test that you will be writing down. I like to separate the introduction and abstract from the main body, but it’s up to you.

Managing Articles

‘New Article’ page for storing references

Managing your Writing

Introduction draft: text in example taken from journal article on genetic history

Book-keeping is what ties it together

Example of a book-keeping database





Somewhere close to 110 billionth human to have ever lived

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H. sapien 00110B

H. sapien 00110B

Somewhere close to 110 billionth human to have ever lived

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